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Monday Pigskin Party at Buffalo Brew Pub 9/22/03





Howard talks sports at the Buffalo Brew Pub

A fan asks what went wrong against Miami

Playing trivia teaser for prizes from Labatt


Labatt/WNSA Sunday Tailgate at Danny's Restaurant 9/28/03





Labatt Tailgate Headquarters

Taking the HotShot Challenge before kickoff

Food and Fun at the Tailgate Party


Monday Night Pigskin Party at Gecko's 9/29/03





Howard Talks football at Gecko's

Steppin' up to the bar at the Pigskin Party

WNSA is ready to roll at Gecko's

Fans enjoy food and sports talk

Buffalo Vs New England 9/7/03





Quarterback In Training

Bills Fans Enter The Blue Zone

The Empire/WNSA HotShot Challenge

Throwing a Winner On Opening Day



Partying With Labatt on Sunday


Spread those Wings and Fly






Animal Husbandry Coordinator Molly Mc Dermid of Hawk Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation Center visited Empire's studios for an interview with Bob Trimble. She brought along a couple of friends…a golden eagle and an owl.

Trimble, Terry Belke and Mc Dermid pose for some photos.

Students Get Taste of Radio and TV





On the set: Howard Simon answers the fourth graders' questions about life at Empire and WNSA.

Future sports journailists? Fourth grade students from Gasport Elementary School visit the Empire and WNSA studios.

Paul Martello, director of public relations, tells the students about what the directors and producers do in the control room.

A good student takes copious notes!!!

"Golisano Introduced as New Owner," Empire Provides Live Coverage





Empire's Josh Mora covered the Sabres Press Conference live from HSBC Arena.

In the foreground, Erland Kailbourne, the interim CEO of Adelphia Communications; Thomas Golisano, prospective Sabres owner; and Gary Bettman, NHL Commissioner answer questions from the media as members of the Sabres Alumni.

Local politicians attended the press conference.

Mora interviews Golisano. Golisano has said that the Sabres are an piece of the fabric of our community.

Scenes from the Sabres Carnival





The Sabres Carnival had activities throughout the building for Buffalo Sabres fans.

Fans wait in line at the Empire Sports Network to get their picture taken and made into a trading card magnet!!

Give us your meanest scowl!!!

This brother sister pair make a great team!!!





Taking a break from his milk toss duties, Jay Mc Kee signs a few autographs for the fans.

It's a jungle out there!!! PJ Koestler of Buffalo

Alexei Zhitnik gets some help from a fan as he takes on his Sabres teammate Henrik Tallinder in this ping pong match!!

Fun for all ages!!!





Amanda Bukaty shows off her Sabres and Empire spirit!!

Tommy and Mike Dzielski of Grand Island.

Henrik Tallinder gives the fans a few moments of his time on his time-out!!! We think Zhitnik was hitting the balls too fast for him to keep up!!!

These kids are just writing for their magnets and 15 minutes of fame!! We wonder if they'll host an autograph session?


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